Month: October 2016

Building an HTML5 Canvas Orthogonal Tile Map

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Today, we’ll be laying down the code structure and rendering for a simple 2D tile map. This map will also feature a toggleable grid with coordinates. The result of this effort can be seen here. Warm Up Just so you’re aware ahead of time, the following technologies and techniques will be used during this tutorial: HTML5 Canvas ES6 / ES2015 — Read More

Building a Mobile-First Flexbox Hamburger Navigation

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The navigation we are building today may introduce some interesting concepts to you for the first time. A couple of newish technologies are being used here: Flexbox, BEM-style SCSS, and ES6/ES2015 JavaScript. I am well-aware that these burger menus can be accomplished without any JavaScript via an <input type=”checkbox” /> technique as demonstrated here. However, I would like to outline — Read More

Hello, World

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Introduction Hello and welcome to my blog. I am a Lead Frontend Engineer at a growing design agency in Irvine, CA (@WeAreEnvoy). In this blog, about every week or so, I will be posting a new article, tutorial, or review that pertains to web and also personal development. In all my writings, I will be emphasizing principles and best-practices that — Read More